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Clogged kitchen drain - what to do?

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Clogged kitchen drain: your specialist for drain cleaning and emergency service!

If the kitchen drain gets clogged , it's more than annoying, because a clogged drain in the kitchen is annoying in two ways: the kitchen drain smells bad and doesn't drain as usual!

However, since the kitchen in particular is used often and with pleasure and the sink plays a major role in this, quick action is required.
However, before the specialist is consulted directly, useful household tips can first be implemented.
These are often very helpful – especially on weekends or late in the evening!

Vinegar & baking powder or optionally baking soda , for example, are a powerful mixture. This should be done by pouring 3 to 4 tablespoons of baking soda or baking soda down the drain, followed by 1/2 cup of pure vinegar essence.
After that, a clear bubbling can be heard. Once the fizzing stops, at least one cup of hot water belongs down the drain.
In this way, at least the drains are cleaned which are not yet completely clogged and which are mainly caused by limescale and grease deposits.

Vinegar and baking soda are a proven remedy for clogged drains

How do you recognize a clogged kitchen drain?

If the kitchen drain is clogged, you can tell immediately:

• The water does not drain properly

• A foul smell is spreading through the kitchen

• If a dishwasher is docked at the drain, this comes pumped water up in the sink

Simply letting the water run doesn't help, because it doesn't run off and stays in the pool. If the problem is simply ignored in this situation and dirty dishes are diligently washed, disaster is inevitable.
In the end, the food leftovers and dirty water can be laboriously removed from the pool and the blockage continues to progress.
The only solution is to clear the clog, which can be caused by a variety of factors.

What causes a clogged kitchen drain?

Kitchen drain won't drain: leftovers are the most common cause of blockages

Food leftovers should be disposed of in the organic waste before washing - this also applies when using a dishwasher! Otherwise these residues collect in the siphon and, in the worst case, also in the pipe and stick together there. The situation is similar with liquid fat, which is often carelessly dumped down the drain. The fat solidifies again later and thus sits in the pipe and blocks everything there. Hair is also a serious problem, including in the kitchen drain!

Where is the kitchen drain clogged?

It is interesting to find out where the drain is blocked.
There are 2 possibilities:

1. Clogging of the siphon

In this case, the first step should be to remove the siphon in the kitchen sink and clean it thoroughly.
Dirt and leftover food as well as hair can be removed with bare hands or with the help of pliers. If the water still does not drain after this rough cleaning, the degree of clogging is deeper.

If the kitchen drain is blocked, the siphon must be removed and cleaned

2. Clogging of the sewage pipe

If even the application of one of these household tips no longer helps, flushing the pipe with water pressure or mechanically is necessary. Prokanal uses powerful high-pressure cleaners or mechanical spirals, which ensure that clogged pipes are completely free again.
Even stubborn fats don't stand a chance!

3 valuable tips to avoid clogged drains in the kitchen

• Food leftovers belong in the green bin, not down the drain! In addition, the dishes should be roughly cleaned of sauces or the like before they end up in the dishwasher.

• If you wash your hair over the kitchen sink or bathe your pet there, you should place an appropriate insert on the drain that catches the hair. These can then be removed and thrown in the household waste without anything ending up in the drain.

• Fat in the fryer or frying pan has no place in the drain! If you use the fat in the deep fryer several times, you should know that it returns to its solid form after it has cooled. This also happens later in the drain pipe if you carelessly dump the liquid fat down the drain!

Contact us if you are plagued by a clogged kitchen drain or drain or any other sewer and drain issue. We at Prokanal Kanalservice specialize in all problems in the field of drain cleaning and water supply. Sewer TV , sewer renovations and sewer cleaning are also part of our portfolio.

Clogged kitchen drain: quick remedy with the professionals!

A clogged kitchen drain is not only unpleasant and usually inappropriate, it also has to run perfectly again as quickly as possible. We also take care of your concerns with a 24-hour service if there is a fire and an emergency. Then contact our round-the-clock service. Check out the details on We'll be there quickly and solve the problem.

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